It’s about getting you the body you want, while still living your life. It’s about transforming you into the most awesomeness version of yourself you could possibly imagine.


It’s about getting you the body you want, while still living your life. It’s about transforming you into the most awesomeness version of yourself you could possibly imagine.

I live by two principles: “When you do something, commit fully to it.” and… “Own the hell out of anything you do.” Let’s admit it, one of the many reasons people want to get in shape is so they can look better. There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact it’s at the top of my list. I want every one of my clients to become the hottest they’ve ever been. I want them to look forward to going to the beach, sitting by the pool, taking pictures, or just taking their shirt off.

But 206 Fitness is much more than just physical. While looks are a major facet of motivation for us to lift, becoming healthier should be just as important as looking better. What’s the point of looking like a rock star on the outside, if you are an absolute train wreck on the inside? 206 Fitness is about changing your mind, body and ultimately your life.

It’s time to unleash the epicness that hides within you!


While fitness is a key aspect of being awesome, it’s merely one of many components to enjoying life. Being fit provides you the opportunity to enjoy life more, due to better health and increased confidence. Most people view fitness as something that affects your physical well-being only.

While in fact, fitness means much more. Fitness can give you a whole new sense of who you are and bring out the person inside who you were meant to be. Accomplishing a fitness goal is just like any other goal in life, it’s something that takes time to reach and it just doesn’t happen overnight. Whether your goal is to lose that stubborn 15lbs, getting that elusive job promotion, acing that impossible test, gaining confidence to ask for what you want, going after the guy or girl you’ve been crushing on forever, or participating in activities that you never thought were possible; with hard work, consistency, and dedication, anything can happen!

I want people to become the best version of themselves, while having confidence to do anything they put their mind to.



By making countless mistakes through the years, training myself has allowed me the ability to coach others and help prevent them from making the same mistakes I did; whether it’s fat loss or muscle gain. As crazy as all those workouts and nutritional practices that I tried may have seemed, I don’t regret those one bit, as these experiences have allowed me to become knowledgeable on what works and what’s a waste of time.

I can help people who have been left in the dark too long or people who keep spinning their wheels making little to no progress. Most importantly, I can show people how to integrate their fitness and nutrition seamlessly with a lifestyle they are accustomed to.

There’s nothing more awesome in this world than seeing someone reach a goal that neither they, nor anyone else, thought was possible. So with my first hand experience, training accreditation’s and my science knowledge in hand, I’m prepared to help an assortment of people from various backgrounds begin their journey to transformation.


I like to think of my life as this awesome grand adventure. Besides writing about fitness and nutrition related topics, I’ll often talk about personal development, pop-culture, super heroes, video games, music, and whatever random thoughts pop into my mind.

While fitness should be an important aspect of one’s life, it doesn’t have to take over and prevent you from living life and doing things you enjoy. Everyone needs to quit taking themselves so seriously and have a sense of humor “All work and no play makes a dull ass person”. That is my response to those who say you have to have fitness 100% on your mind all the time and nothing else in order to make progress and reach your goals.

Fitness should just be another aspect of your life, not a dominate force. Anyway, hangout here and be entertained while being lead to your goals whether that’s gaining muscle, fat loss, becoming stronger, or just becoming the healthiest you ever been while living life like a BOSS.